Advantage DEGER

Convincing arguments: lower cost, higher yield, faster amortization

High in yield, economical in consumption

Their lowenergy consumption is also a factor in the systems' high level of efficiency. For example, a dual-axis DEGER D100 does not even use 0.5 percent of the additional energy it yields.

Quick installation

Easy and fast assembly saves an enormous amount of installation time. The fact that DEGER systems do not require programming or adjusting – as astronomically-based systems do – exponentially increases the time-saving advantage for putting the system into operation.

There are no surprises awaiting you in terms of cost

High functional reliability and maintenance-free operation reduce the follow-up and operating costs for all systems equipped with DEGER and makes them accurately calculable over the long-term. There are special service and maintenance contracts available to all operators and investors who want to rely on DEGER's expertise even after an installation has been completed. They are surprisingly economical primarily as a result of the systems’ low maintenance requirements and long-lasting technology.

Flexibility meets longevity

DEGER’s solar tracking systems are flexible assembly systems and suited to all commercially available module and inverter types. The negligible maintenance costs and robust construction with high-quality materials ensure a long, maintenance-free service life.

Whoever wants to be successful as an investor has to think in the long-term

That’s why not only the direct investment figure alone counts when financing a solar energy system or solar park. A view to the future is of primary importance in this case: How do investments, operating and follow-up costs stack up against the yield? Solar energy systems equipped with intelligent DEGER tracking systems show clear benefits as opposed to rigidly installed systems or those equipped with tracking systems based on astronomical data. Lower production costs per kWh power through higher yield – and accomplishing that over a long period of time.

Lower investment cost – the same yield results

Intelligently controlled solar energy tracking units pay off regardless of location, module performance level or price. The total amount invested to achieve a certain energy yield is always distinctly higher with fixed systems than with the DEGER, no matter which DEGER is used as the calculation basis. They are between 20 and 30 percent more economical when you include the run-up cost, modules, inverters, sub-structures and foundations, system-related and running expenses. And: the more powerful the modules are, the more the tracking affects their yield in a positive way. In addition, DEGER provides a considerably more balanced load profile and therefore a more constant feed and lower cost for inverters. That speeds up the “Return on Investment” and shortens the amortization period substantially.