Business Areas

DEGER covers all relevant business sectors: Development and planning, manufacturing and production, sales and logistics, instruction and customer service. From the initial concept to the finished product and from the feasibility computation to the complete service package – DEGER is a true one-stop shop.

Development and Planning

The quest for the best solutions is a routine task for us. We concentrate on finding innovative solutions and place great emphasis on research and development so that we can efficiently use what we believe to be an inexhaustible energy source - the sun. As a constantly evolving company, we are driven by the active development of new standards and the optimization of existing solutions.

Manufacturing and Production

In our state-of-the-art production facilities with the latest systems for industrial prefabrication, the fourth generation of DEGER products is being born. We meet the most stringent quality standards and achieve the greatest production and assembly flexibility through our high degree of vertical integration.

Sales and Logistics

Our new, easily accessible Service and Technology Center in Horb is home to a modern logistics and shipping department with a large warehouse and an administration center. Trained employees in all areas use their expertise and experience to guarantee the highest quality standards and the flexible, fast and reliable delivery of the DEGERenergie solar tracking and control systems worldwide.

After-Sales Service

We place the same quality expectations on our services as on our DEGER tracking systems and MLD sensor control systems. Whether providing advice, calculations, training or maintenance, DEGER sets new standards in service with its personal, client-oriented approach.