Quality is important to us. We are therefore unable to solely rely on our own high quality requisites and strict controls. We regularly subject both the company and the products to tests and inspections by independent institutes and associations.

Important for all investors: The returns and increased returns offered by DEGER compared to un-tracked systems are certified by independent companies.

All DEGER systems are maintenance-free, robust and durable. German Engineering "Made in Germany". Production locations are Germany, Canada, South Africa and USA.


DEGER is certified in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standard. This means: rational processes and documented work cycles guarantee economical and ecological conduct. TÜV regularly monitors compliance with the guidelines.

UL/CSA standards

The systems are also certified for USA and Canada in accordance with UL/CSA standards. 

Wacker Ingenieure

Our DEGER based on the requirements and recommendations of the Wacker Ingenieure.