Dual-axis DEGER systems with maximum efficiency

Precisely at the point where the most irradiation can be absorbed – that is where the dual-axis DEGERtrackers always align the photovoltaic modules and can thus achieve an average of 45 percent yield increase.

DEGERtracker D60H

The DEGERtracker D60H was specially designed for high wind loads of up to 170 km/h. The D60H can also be installed building-integrated.


Technical specifications

DEGERtracker D80

The prefabricated wiring of all DEGERtrackers reduces installation time and costs, as well as installation related errors.

Technical specifications

DEGERtracker D100

Their low energy consumption is a contributing factor in the system’s high level of efficiency.
For example, a dual-axis DEGERtracker D100 does not even use 0.5 percent of the additional energy it yields.

Technical specifications

DEGERtracker 3000NT & 3000HD

Active tracking system for open land and for building integration - most effective electricity costs, even in high wind zones.

Technical specifications

DEGERtracker 5000NT

Active tracking systems for open land installation with different mast lengths for a most cost-effective power generation.

Technical specifications