Single-axis DEGERtracker with patented MLD technology

The single-axis tracker from DEGER you can achieve yield increases of approx. 30%. An easy plug-and-play installation is realized by means of the stable supporting construction.

DEGERtracker S100-PF-DR

The DEGERtracker S100-PF-DR with pile foundation and a special worm gear rotation system.

Technical specifications

DEGERtracker S60H

The DEGERtracker S60H was specially designed for high wind loads of up to 167 km/h – and based on co-development with Wacker Ingenieures.

With the concrete foundation the DEGERtracker S60H-CF can be installed in open land or building-integrated

DEGERtracker S60H-SF with steel foundation

Technical specifications

DEGERtracker S60H-CF with concrete foundation

Demo DEGERtracker S60H & S70

DEGERtracker 8.5

The single-axis DEGERtracker 8.5 is flexible and can be developed in open land and building-integrated.Technical specifications