We make solar technology more efficient: Solar tracking systems from DEGER

DEGER is the leading manufacturer with the world’s largest product portfolio for single and dual-axis solar tracking systems. Our market position is based on the unique, patented “Maximum Light Detection” or MLD technology. The MLD-sensor constantly aligns the connected solar modules to the point that provides the greatest energy and achieves a 45% greater yield on average than fixed systems. With more than 100,000 projects implemented in more than 64 countries, DEGER is the world’s market and technology leader for solar tracking systems.

We provide advice and support throughout the planning phase and help you install your solar park on open land and roofs. Considering all relevant safety and security aspects for tracking systems, we develop the optimum, project-specific solution for every customer.


DEGER technology

Nature did it first: Numerous plants, like the sunfl ower for example, orient themselves towards the sun during the course of a day. It is a simple, but brilliant principle that can be applied perfectly to optimizing efficiency in solar energy systems. The reason: Photovoltaic modules that follow the sun’s path capture a higher amount of energy and therefore produce decidedly more power than modules in a fixed installation. Find out more about the patented technology from DEGER here.

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Anyone who strives for greater efficiency has to move away from fixed systems.

Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple: Maximum Light Detection principle is based on the most accurate, fastest and most energy-saving tracking of the solar module toward the maximum energy point. That function is the responsibility of the patented control module, the MLD sensor. The control module continually measures intensity and angle of the incoming light and moves the solar module installation into the most advantageous position. The module not only takes the solar irradiation into account, but also, for example, light that is reflected off snow, water or light-colored rock, or diffuse solar irradiation that penetrates the clouds – and does so individually for each system. What is important here: only those movements that will result in a direct yield increase are carried out.

Further information

Up to 45 % higher yield with MLD technology
Efficiency with intelligent tracking
Fast and simple plug-and-play installation and easy handling
Robust durable technology
Automatic reset in initial position at night
In storm conditions DEGERtracker is placed automatically in security position
Premium product from the global market leader for sensor tracking systems
Low consumption

The decisive plus of efficiency worldwide

DEGER has been producing intelligent single and dual-axis tracking systems as standard for more than 15 years. To date, more than 75,000 DEGERtrackers have been connected to the grid – and this number is still rising. After all, wherever the systems are installed, they improve efficiency and thus cost-effectiveness and profits.


DEGER Videos

DEGERtracker at Zolder circuit

DEGERtracker at the Woodstock festival

DEGERtracker in Kimberley's SunMine