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Tracking systems from DEGER: Nature and technology in harmony

Rural solar installations are usually a choice between growing food, and generating power. Faced with this decision, many farmers and land owners are reluctant to abandon agricultural projects in favor of building a solar plant. But DEGER offers something else; Trackers can be used making it possible to do both, offering new opportunities and benefits.

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DEGERtracker S70 under construction - part 2

Great progress within a short time


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DEGERtracker S70 under construction

Under construction: DEGERtracker S70 in Adiyaman


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DEGERtraker 5000NT for research at the University of Rabat (Morocco)

DEGERtracker 5000NT for students as an educational tool to study the electricity generated from renewable solar energy.

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Top yield of 1,750 kWh/kWp in southern Germany possible! But only with an intelligent tracking system from DEGER.

With 58% of energy needs supplied with solar, the company xalino in Germany was amazed about this high yield of solar energy.

In 2015, the company Xalino from Germany gained 17,500 kWh of electricity from the sun with a DEGERtracker D100.

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Successful implementation of the 24 MWp project "Solar Garden" in Canada, thanks to the good co-operation of all stakeholders

 Since the start of the construction of "Solar Gardens" in Ontario, Canada more than 1,900 DEGERtracker D100 (20 MWp) has already been successfully installed. A further 300 DEGERtracker D100 systems (4 MWp) will be released in the coming weeks and make the conclusion of the project portfolio.

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Improved quality of life through self-sufficiency: domestic electricity provisioning

Listen to the latest news on the radio. Recharge the smartphone battery. Blow dry your hair in the morning. The ability to do these and a long list of other daily activities which form an integral part of our everyday lives would not have been possible if it were not for electricity.

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Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann Tours DEGERenergie Head Office

During his visit in the headquarters of DEGERenergie, the Minister-President of the state of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann discussed the patented MLD technology and the company's development in recent years.

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DEGER announces first 1 MW dual-axis Solar Project in Turkey

Behind the powerful image of this project constructed with our customer Ülkü Meyvecilik, lies a great deal of self-generated solar power. The first dual-axis solar park in Turkey is has been completed in the city Tavas.

With 92 DEGERtracker D100 systems and a total capacity of 1MW, this solar power plant is now commissioned and connected to the power grid.

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Climate friendly: 35 tons of CO2 emissions avoided

tl_files/user-data/Bilder/Bilder Tracker/D 100/DEGERtracker D100_Jones Masjiene_Suedafrika.png

Near to Johannesburg, is the small African City Koster and the company Jones Masjiene. The company is a supplier of feeding equipment for the farming, milling and feed industry. In this case Jones Masjiene knows the effects of global warming.

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