News archive 2014

Higher yields by solar tracking - US customers impressed by DEGER trackers: 73 percent more yield than fixed installed systems

South Haven, MI / Horb a.N., Germany, September 2014. DEGER’s US partner, Helios Solar, reports sensational figures: Between January and June, Helios’ DEGER systems produced 73 percent more solar power than comparable fixed systems installed nearby.

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DEGER personal energy consumption - Peerless 10 KWp DEGERtracker D100 for personal energy consumption in Herrenberg Gültstein put into operation

On 30th April, 2014 a 10KWp DEGERtracker D100 with the intend to generate power for personal energy consumption was put into operation on the premises of the company XALINO®  in Herrenberg Gültstein.
In combination with a lithium-ion power storage system, 70% to 85% of the annual power demand will be covered directly by the DEGER-Tracker.

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