Where can I buy DEGER products?

We gladly provide personal advice about our DEGER.
Please use our
contact form or e-mail us at sales@DEGERenergie.com

What does the scope of supply consist of?

Complete DEGER tracking systems, solar module carrier system made of aluminum - matching the module type used, patented control MLD (Maximum Light Detection) with MLD sensor and assembly instruction.
Plus CCB (Central Control Box), is absolutely necessary for all DEGER.

Optionally available: snow sensor and pendulum kit for windguard. 

Are the hardware parts for fastening/mounting the modules included?

Yes. The F-set assembly materials include all required hardware parts for fastening/mounting the modules.

Are there also individual components?

We offer only complete tracking systems and do not supply individual components like MLD sensors.

Does DEGER also supply solar modules and/or inverters?

DEGER supplies only the tracking systems.