Higher Yield - How?

Technology that is proactive gets more out of the sun.

The light irradiation’s intensity is influenced by a number of factors - primarily clouds, of course. That is why it is crucial that a smart control is able to react to the conditions accordingly. The MLD principle takes on that task.

Pinpoint precision alignment = maximum yield: the Maximum Light Detection principle (MLD):


DEGERtracker im Sonnenverlauf

The DEGER directly faces the sun all day.

Reflecting surface

The DEGER uses direct solar irradiation as well as energy from reflected light.

Partly clouded

In addition to the direct solar irradiation, diffused light is also used to maximize the effect.

Overcast sky

The DEGER catches all the diffused light by moving to horizontal position.

Varying light conditions

Because of different levels of cloudiness, the light conditions in solar parks vary for each DEGER. The individual control makes sure every DEGER is optimally oriented to the brightest source of irradiation. This guarantees the highest energy yield possible.


MLD-Technology vs astronomical control