Landfill site

From former landfill site to solar park

DEGERtechnik has installed 66 systems on the former landfill site on the edge of the Black Forest. These systems produce about 300,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually from the sun’s energy, enough to supply power to 800 four-person households. By using patented, sensorcontrolled tracking systems from DEGERenergie, solar modules tap the sun’s energy and produce around 40 percent more power than fi xed installed plants. Without this tracking technology, the yield of these installations would only meet the needs of 570 households, not 800.

Reaching this stage was not easy. At the Rexingen landfill site there was a soft subsoil and uneven terrain to deal with. “This is why we have predominantly installed smaller, single-axis systems of the DEGER 8.5 type and set them on above-ground foundations,” explains Artur Deger. The benefit of this system is that if the ground sinks or settles unevenly over the years, the foundations can be easily corrected.

There are 54 DEGER 8.5 in Rexingen. Each is designed for a module area measuring up to 8.5 square meters and a solar output of up to 1,290 Wp. There also installed twelve dualaxis DEGER 7000NT systems on the north slopes of the landfill. “Because of the northerly alignment, we needed larger plants with higher masts. We fixed these two meters into the soil with extensive concrete foundations.” The DEGER 7000NT is designed for module areas of up to 60 square meters, giving an output of up to 9,000 Wp.

Dual-axis systems, such as the 7000NT, show the benefi ts of their patented, intelligence-control systems when used on subsoils that are still settling. When the ground changes in such a way that our plants are tilted, the MLD technology simply compensates for this. This means we can neutralize inclines without any kind of structural modifications. The control still aligns the module area with perfect precision.


Key data of the project

Location: former landfi ll site Rexingen
Completition: September 2008
Construction power: 190 kWp
Systems: 54 x DEGER 8.5 und 12 x DEGER 7000NT