Fraunhofer ISE: DEGER MLD* technology provides for higher yields, particularly with diffuse light and less irradiation

Horb a.N., November 26, 2013. Dual axis solar tracking systems with MLD sensor technology from DEGER can produce more solar energy than photovoltaic systems that track the position of the sun, particularly in the case of low irradiation and diffuse light. This energy increase is greatest when the sun is located at middle to low positions. These are the results of a comparative measurement conducted by Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE), Freiburg, at the Horb-Rexingen solar park.

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Product Innovation: DEGER launches new D100 tracking system

DEGER strengthens its position as the world’s leader for solar tracking: The company’s new generation of tracking systems combines numerous technical enhancements. The first product in this new generation is the DEGERtracker D100. The new systems are now available in Europe.

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Change of energy from the base up

Future's energy is generated where it is consumed. A vision which has already become reality for some private households and medium-sized companies. First systems for self-supply prove: It works.

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DEGER delivers 1,161 tracking systems to Spain

DEGER delivers 1,161 DEGERtraker 5000NT tracking systems to Spain. The customer is the Alternativa Energética 3000 (AE3000) company, which purchased and installed 3,100 DEGER systems in recent years. DEGER is world market leader in the field of solar tracking.

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U.S. Research Project: DEGER supplies MLD (Maximum Light Detection) solar tracking systems for U.S. Research facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

vis solis has installed seven 6000NT type DEGER tracking systems at the Heritage Center of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee (USA). The Oak Ridge scientific and technological laboratory is under the authority of the United States Department of Energy. The German Energy Agency (dena) supports this research and development project involving DEGERtrackers as part of the dena Solar Roofs Program. DEGER is the world’s market leader for solar tracking systems.

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DEGER provides a new boost to the change in energy policy: further enhanced product quality – remarkably reduced price level

DEGER opens up the year 2013 with a sensation: The new generation of its tracking systems combines numerous technical enhancements with a price level that has been reduced by more than 20 percent. The new systems will be available in Europe as of March 2013.

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DEGER equips new solar park in Greece

Environmental protection and reconstruction aid for Greece

CET Technology on board as German installation partner

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DEGER reports 50,000 installed tracking systems worldwide

The change of energy policy is under way

Solar energy for more than 130,000 average households

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