United Nations use DEGER tracking systems

Horb a.N. (Germany) / Jamarj-e Bala (Afghanistan), November 24, 2014. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) relies on solar tracking systems “made in Germany”. The DEGERtrackers are situated in Jamarj-e Bala, Afghanistan, near the border with Tajikistan. They supply the UNDP facilities located there with solar power. Withmore than 55.000 systems in 53 countries, DEGER is the world market leader for solar tracking systems.

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Higher yields by solar tracking - US customers impressed by DEGER trackers: 73 percent more yield than fixed installed systems

South Haven, MI / Horb a.N., Germany, September 2014. DEGER’s US partner, Helios Solar, reports sensational figures: Between January and June, Helios’ DEGER systems produced 73 percent more solar power than comparable fixed systems installed nearby.

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DEGER personal energy consumption - Peerless 10 KWp DEGERtracker D100 for personal energy consumption in Herrenberg Gültstein put into operation

On 30th April, 2014 a 10KWp DEGERtracker D100 with the intend to generate power for personal energy consumption was put into operation on the premises of the company XALINO®  in Herrenberg Gültstein.
In combination with a lithium-ion power storage system, 70% to 85% of the annual power demand will be covered directly by the DEGER-Tracker.

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