The use of solar energy, leader among renewable energy sources, in agriculture provides the farmer with a variety of benefits. While agri photovoltaic systems provide farmers with the power they require, they also protect crops from damage by extreme heat,  and reduce the effects of climate change-related extreme weather such as drought, heavy rain, and strong winds.

DEGER dual-axis tracking systems, with a high mast construction, allow agricultural activities and animal grazing beneath the solar array. This allows the required surface area to be greatly reduced which is a significant factor in agricultural areas.

An example of DEGER dual axis systems preferred by Romanian farmers…

DEGER D80 dual axis tracking system with an 8-meter mast was installed. With its high mast construction, it does not interfere with agricultural activities or tree harvesting below, and  prevents shading on the array. The dual axis tracking system includes 27 pieces of 400 Wp RISEN SOLAR modules and an SMA SUNNY TRIPOWER inverter.