The goal of any solar energy investor is to maximize the energy benefit by capturing the highest possible yield of the daily sun irradiation.

In this regard, the new bifacial solar module technology is promising significantly greater energy efficiency. Indeed, according to the first valid measurements, these modules offer some very exciting figures.

Bifacial modules have already been installed in large PV plants across the globe and even more plants are being designed to take advantage of the new modules and capabilities they offer. According to some studies, by 2028 this technology will account for 35% of the market for installed PV modules.

But what makes this new technology so popular?

Bi-facial solar modules generate energy from both sides of the module, but the benefits do not stop there. Reflections from the surroundings play a very important role and greatly increase the efficiency, and with the second surface, the module receives scattered light from behind the system and absorbs the energy. This maximizes energy efficiency In combination with a tracker technology such as DEGER’s exclusive MLD technology, the advantages of the new dual-sided module technology are enhanced.

According to current measurements, a bifacial module can provide up to 25% more efficiency daily. If you combine it with one of the single axis DEGER trackers, the extra efficiency for power plants reaches 50%!

At this point, DEGER has ready-made tracking systems specifically designed to take advantage of bi-facial modules and the many benefits of this new technology.

In particular, our single axis S100-SR is in perfect harmony with bifacial technology, featuring a special design that easily incorporates double-sided modules