Beginning in June 2016, DEGER tracking systems has been conducting a series of tests using our single and dual axis units vs. fixed racking. In experiments examining a range of different modules and inverters, the objective was to determine the best possible energy production combination and to gather data demonstrating the MLD based tracking advantages against a baseline fixed system.

The project of 1 MWp was constructed in Ankara/ Polatlı and is comprised of 2 different types of tracking systems: the single axis DEGERtracker S60H and the dual axis DEGERtracker 6000NT, outfitted with 24 modules. The completion of the installation required 6 days, from the curing of the concrete to the mounting of the inverter and modules.

The project scope includes 12 different types of inverters, fixed angle module racking and DEGER single and dual axis tracking systems at the same time.