Since 1999, we have been consistently developing new ideas and concepts for the optimum use of solar energy through solar module tracking. We develop, build, produce, and service intelligent tracking systems for photovoltaic modules. We thus make this technology of the future more efficient and consequently, more economical. In doing so, we systematically minimize product development costs and pass these cost savings on to our customers. Despite the constantly changing competitive situation, we have created a clear advantage for our customers in an increasingly networked global economy.Our company philosophy is driven by innovation and vision and supported by a special corporate culture that represent values for our company, employees, customers, and business partners.

With highest quality and excellent service, we take responsibility for the investment in the products of DEGER. Our expertise and our own high standards on all our services, we associate with the quality standard “made in Germany”. Every fault is seen as an opportunity for an improvement. Therefore the product and process quality are constantly monitored and optimized with a continuous improvement process.
We take our responsibility towards the people and the society seriously. Not only with our products, which make a contribution to a climate-neutral and environmentally friendly energy production, but also with the entire company, we are committed to the site and the region.