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FAQ General

If you want to develop an agricultural terrain with tracking systems, you must submit a so-called project development plan. Because this building law is a state matter, there are naturally regional differences, and the sometimes expensive process can drag on for months. Unfortunately we cannot offer detailed information and recommend that you obtain local information.

Power generation depends on a number of factors:
  • the capacity of the system
  • efficiency of the modules
  • installation location and irradiation intensity

Here's an exemplary calculation for the single-axis model DEGER 8.5 tracker with 5 solar panels of 330 Wp (1.65kWp) each:

The basis is a specific average yield in Germany for fixed systems of about 1000 kWh/kWp. Using a DEGER 8.5 tracker you can obtain an additional yield of 20-30%, if you maintain the required spacing between the individual systems, in order to prevent the units form shading each other.