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FAQ S-Series

The maximum north-south inclination of the land for the installation must not exceed 10°.

The maximum annual internal consumption of an S- Series tracker is 6 kWh.

The standard tilt angles of the S-series trackers are +/- 55° when they are in regions not prone to snow. When they are installed in snow prone regions, the trackers can be tilted up to 70°E & 50°W.

While the DEGER S60H trackers can hold upto 26 pieces solar modules, DEGER S100-DR trackers can use 44 and DEGER S100-SR trackers can hold upto 84 modules per tracker.

DEGER can support you with module layout plans and will also provide you with detailed information on your module type/your configuration when you place your order.

The following materials are to be provided for assembly by the owner:
  • lifting equipment for unloading (fork-lift truck, crane)
  • at least nine pallets or squared timber
  • torque wrench and screwdriver
  • 12V DC battery pack
  • ladder, work platform or hydraulic platform
  • GPS device or compass
  • battery-operated drill
  • cordless screwdriver

The EK-S1 energy converter, inclination sensors for master and slave trackers, MLD sensor as well as the motors for the master and slave trackers are completely pre-wired with delivery. Thus, installation times are shortened and installation errors prevented.

S100-DR trackers can withstand the wind speed up to 110 km/h.

S100-SR trackers can withstand the wind speed up to 160 km/h.Depends on the number of installed modules.

S60H trackers can withstand the wind speed up to 170 km/h.

In contrast to the backtracking technology which leads the solar panel surfaces in mostly horizontal positions and correspondingly causes a significant decrease at the energy production; DEGER’s CTC monitoring and shadow management software offers the possibility to define the sunrise and sunset tilt angles of the S100-DR and S100-SR trackers manually and guarantees higher energy production.

The CTC (central tracker control) is the monitoring software which is developed by DEGER. Via CTC, it’s possible to configure the S100-SR and S100-DR tracking systems’ sunrise and sunset tilt angles, set the cleaning positions, get automatic e-mails in emergency cases and can track the status of MLD sensor, wind-guard sensor and snow sensor.

DR is short version of “double row” and SR is the short version of “single row”. While the module assembly is 1 portrait in the S100-SR trackers, in S100-DR trackers the module assembly is 2 portrait.