In the province of Adiyaman in the south-east of Turkey DEGER has installed its first single-axis solar park.

Because of the slightly sloping terrain the DEGERtracker S70-PF with pile foundations was perfect for the project, and completion for the 1.2 MWp solar park took six weeks. For speed of installation and improved stability, the 152 DEGERtrackers required 760 steel foundations rammed into the ground in total. After the substructure has been completed, 4,560 efficient solar panels could be mounted.

The patented MLD sensor from DEGER measures the intensity of light for each tracker and directs each system individually to the highest energy point. Unlike astronomical controlled systems, DEGERtracker consider the different light conditions for each system, which is why different areas of the solar project may require a different tilt angle. On the basis of the individual movement and the consideration of reflected light, the single-axis DEGERtrackers achieve a yield advantage of approx. 30 percent compared to fixed tilt systems.

After the successful final acceptance by the Turkish grid company, the solar park in Adiyaman with the DEGERtrackers S70-PF were successfully connected to the power grid. The installed solar park can now supply about 560 households in Turkey with clean renewable energy.