Last week DEGER Egypt and Mecca Food Ltd. have signed the contract for the first EPC-project with a combination of DEGERtrackers and the first fixed rooftop system from DEGER. The total installed power will be 1 MWp to cover the electricity needs of the company.

To offer an optimal solution for the actual energy demand of the company Mecca Food Ltd., DEGER has taken over the complete planning and implementing of the project. The first construction phase with 250 kWp will start next week. The factory building has roof surfaces that are ideal for the installation of a rooftop system. Therefore DEGER will also install here its first fixed rooftop system with a capacity of 138.7 kWp. With the combination of ten DEGERtrackers D100 an additional capacity of 111.3 kWp will be installed to achieve the highest possible yield even under diffuse light conditions. In the next construction phase additional 750 kWp will be installed.