South Haven, MI / Horb a.N., Germany, September 2014. DEGER’s US partner, Helios Solar, reports sensational figures: Between January and June, Helios’ DEGER systems produced 73 percent more solar power than comparable fixed systems installed nearby.

At the end of 2013, Helios Solar finished installing fifteen 6000NT DEGERtrackers in South Haven, Michigan with a total capacity of 106.2 kWp. The solar plant with the tracking systems “engineered in Germany is operated by Elbe & Sohn Inc

At another plant nearby, Helios Solar also installed other systems with comparable solar modules. One is a 15° fixed system and the other is a seasonally adjustable elevation angle system.

Connor Field, CEO at Helios Solar: “We are impressed. As our monthly comparison for the first six months of the year shows, the Deger system has outperformed the 15° fixed system by 73 percent and the seasonally adjusted system by 33 percent.”

Nearly hundred percent self supply

The solar energy produced on site by Elbe & Sohn is used for self supply. In this way, the company makes itself widely independent from public energy supply and increasing energy prices. “Generating such high yields with the DEGER tracking systems fits our concept very well”, says Andreas Barthel, President of Elbe & Sohn, USA. “Our target is to cover our demand for electricity completely with self produced solar power, if possible.”

The figures suggest Barthel’s ambition is a reasonable possibility. By the end of July, Elbe & Sohn had produced approximately 140 kilowatt hours of electricity with the DEGERtrackers, while the company’s yearly demand lies between 250 and 300 kilowatt hours. Helios´ CEO Connor Field: “We expect that the solar plant will yield around 85 percent of Elbe´s annual power demand.”

Elbe & Sohn has a consistent and long term calculable basis for its electricity costs. At the same time, the company publicly professes its commitment to sustainability, and engagement with renewable energy technology.

Highest yield on given area

For Helios Solar, supplier and technical partner of DEGER and Elbe & Sohn, no further evidence is needed. Says Connor Field: “We have chosen the DEGER system because it achievesthe highest yields for our installed area, giving us a clear view towards the future of energy supply.” Additionally, his experiences with DEGER´s reliability and support are very positive, he adds, “we look forward to building future projects using DEGER systems, and currently support the DEGER product line to our customers. definitely would like to build future projects utilizing the Deger system, and at this time we offer a range of DEGER products to our customers.”

DEGER´s MLD* technology is based on a unique, patented light sensor which aligns the solar modules automatically with the point in the sky that provides the greatest energy.For this reason, DEGER systems achieve significant greater yields than other solar systems, regardless of their geographical position.

*Maximum Light Detection

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