We have such a case in the Ilias Tower where an installation with 10 DEGER 9000NT dual axis tracking systems, with a power capacity of 100 kWp, produced for the whole of 2022 a total of 223,312 kilowatt hours. This corresponds to the impressive average yield of 2,233.12 kWh/kWp. A considerable increase in production of 7.68%, in comparison to 2021!

It is noteworthy that the facility was connected to the electrical grid in 2012, thus completing a decade of high performance with the help and technical support of DEGERHELLAS.

We then list, for your information, the detailed statistics of the facility for the last two years.

The extensive work that has gone into maintaining the park is evident even in the smallest details. The water containers placed on the base each tracker is intended for the frequent washing of the Gruene-type photovoltaic panels, each with a power of 190 kWp.


Let us remind you at this point that the “smart” DEGER tracking systems are made of durable and recyclable materials, which perform reliably even in the most adverse weather conditions. Their safe operation and their ability to deliver maximum efficiency are the elements that give us the expected high energy result every day.