With 58% of energy needs supplied with solar, the company xalino in Germany was amazed about this high yield of solar energy.

In 2015, the company xalino from Germany gained 17,500 kWh of electricity from the sun with a DEGERtracker D100. Around 11.600 kWh has been consumed directly or stored for later use. Xalino reached a rate of self-sufficiency of 58% in the first year and coming closer to the goal of a climate-neutral electricity supply. The daily record of this 10 kWp system is 135 kWh!

The dual-axis tracking system was installed in April 2014 with an output of 10 kWp by Elektrohaus Brenner GmbH. Excess energy is stored in a VARTA Family storage system with 6 kWh capacity. To enhance the self-sufficiency and to further the goal of 100% renewable energy use, additional measures may be taken in the future. For example, the VARTA storage has some potential for expansion.

The sensor-controlled tracking systems from DEGER provides the best solution for power self-supply for commercial and residential needs, taking solar energy to its peak with the highest yields.