A total of 11 DEGER S100-PF-SR single-axis tracking systems were installed in the 1.5 MW solar project for Amber Grid, the Lithuanian gas transmission system operator. Implemented by Eternia Solar, the solar project consists of a few separate PV systems located in Panevėžys and Jauniūnai, Lithuania.

In Panevėžys, the PV system contains 4 DEGER S100-PF-SR single-axis tracking systems each with 78 solar modules. In Jauniūnai, 7 DEGER S100-PF-SR single-axis tracking systems were installed, 2 of them are carrying 52 solar modules and 5 of them are carrying 74 solar modules. In all cases, RISEN 445W Bifacial Perc Monocrystalline solar modules were used.

The key objective of this solar project was to help the company reduce the amount of purchased electricity in order to cut its spending on electricity and reduce the CO2 emissions. This solar project stands out for its comprehensiveness and innovation. The plants are equipped with high-efficiency bifacial modules and use a variety of mounting structures, including modern DEGER tracking systems.