The characteristic pyramid-shaped MLD sensors now dominate the top of the solar power plant of 100 kW in the Trikala region in Greece. The conversion of the pre-existing astronomically controlled tracking system into the sophisticated DEGER MLD light detection technology has been 100% successful.

Energy statistics from the first few days of operation with MLD are already showing a significant stabilization of production at high levels.

It’s known that MLD technology is the only one that can detect any reflection of light, even in the cloudy landscape, moving the modules to absorb as much sunlight as possible. Your system’s energy output even on a cloudy day will be significantly higher than the days before the upgrade.

Many solar trackers which are operating in different countries no longer have official technical support, therefore their energy production may not be the best, due to malfunctions and damaged parts.

Then, why do you lock yourself into obsolete trackers and have to watch as other systems outperform yours?

You are now able to upgrade your solar park installation from third-party tracking systems to DEGER’s unique MLD light detection technology and see your energy output increase from the very next day.