At the Energy Campus Center “BALZAY” at the University of Cuenca in Ecuador, students study different approaches for the generation and storage of energy from renewable resources. A DEGERtracker S60H supplies important data to be included in their research.

While the optimum configuration for the S60H is 24 72 cell modules, the experiment called for a loadout of only 16. The 4 kWp rating makes it easier to compare to other technology being tested at the facility. The additional yield of the solar modules with the patented MLD technology is one of the focuses for the research. With the sensor driven technology, the solar modules generate approximately a 30% higher yield compared to fixed tilt systems.

The Microgrid has a capacity of 100 KW that consists of different types of photovoltaic systems, one mini wind turbine, a small hydroelectric power station and different battery storage systems.

The objective of the research is to acquire new understanding of the decentralized power produced by the different systems in order to design the power supply of the university in the future.