The forced realignment of the branch backs the turn of energy policies – DEGER invests millions in research, development and sales.

Horb a.N., December 03, 2012. Financially knocked about states all over the world reduce their subsidies for renewable energies. However, this is not the end of the turn in energy policies, but its actual beginning: The market is growing up. This is the assessment of DEGER, the world leader for solar tracking. Just in this year the enterprise invested around 1.5 million Euro into research, development and the establishment and extension of its global sales structures.

Artur Deger, the founder and manager of DEGER leaves no room for doubt on his conviction: “The development away from governmental subsidies was foreseeable, even if not with this speed.” However: The sudden cutting of frequently excessively high subsidies and, even more, the chaotic acting of politics caused turbulences in the market. “This dissuades investors.”

In the meantime the technologies for utilizing solar energy have matured and the intention of the consumers for a turn in energy policies increases with each energy price rise. “The market is currently able to grow under it’s own steam” says Artur Deger. “If the industry now brands the reduction of subsidies as a catastrophe, this is the end of an era of much too convenient business models, which are only profitable as long as tax money is available. This is no long-term solution.”

According to the words of the Swabian solar pioneer the positive side of this development already becomes apparent in discussions with both private and professional investors.  “The long-term economical efficiency of systems and technologies becomes more and more important. Squinting at subsidies becomes more and more insignificant.”

DEGER Tracking: Economical without funding

Against this background his enterprise looks optimistically ahead, despite the currently quite difficult situation, says Artur Deger. “Our MLD systems demonstrably represent the most economical solution for the generation of solar energy – irrespective of the region where they are used. And independently from governmental funding. I am quite convinced, that the turn of energy policies will take up speed again, once the current phase of upheaval and the related uncertainty of investors and consumers have come to an end. Because the latest technical standard does not offer any reasonable alternatives.”

For DEGER the continuous further development of its technology and the adaptation to the requirements of the market is an essential element of its stable business development.Just in this year the company invested around 1.5 million Euro – mainly in research and development, a smaller part of this into the expansion of its worldwide sales structures.

From the solar module directly into the socket

One result are the new DEGER MSS-Complete Systems (MSS = Maximum Solarpower Storage). They provide the owner with the possibility to decouple from the increasing energy prices. Because these systems supply apartments, private houses, agricultural premises as well as small and medium-size businesses completely with self-produced solar energy. With the energy production, which is evenly distributed over the day, which can only be achieved with a tracking system, the major part of the required energy can be covered immediately without intermediate storage – electric current flows from the solar module directly into the socket.

The basic system for the energy supply of a single-family house with office and two electric vehicles is available for approx. 25,000 Euro. “With this investment one can freeze the price for electric power at the current level for the next 25 years”, explains Artur Deger. The MSS-Complete Systems would be the ideal supplement to the accustomed business of DEGER with its MLD-tracking system (MLD = Maximum Light Detection).

A second result presented by the Research & Development of DEGER will attract the attention of investors all over the world: The dual-axis tracking systems, which will be available from DEGER in spring 2013, will offer an even higher quality, while being even easier to install. But above all: For DEGER customers this all is available for prices which are 30 to 40 percent lower than the prices for previous systems.

The trend: intelligent self-generated supply

For the future DEGER expects that the intention of large-scale investors, who build e.g. large solar parks, will initially rather drop. “Many of these investors have connected to governmental subsidies and based their complete profit calculation on this. This doesn’t work out any more. In just a few years such parks will become profitable by selling solar energy in the free market. However, quite some time may pass until these business models are in force.”

On the other side there is a noticeable trend towards intelligent self-supply since approximately one year. Target groups for this are above all private consumers, farm estates and small to medium size enterprises, who intend to produce their own electric power for immediate use. “This way they secure long-term economical electric power and thus the profitability of their enterprise or the economical supply for their private house.”

DEGER sees itself well prepared for future challenges. “In 2012 we made considerable structural changes and adapted to new requirements from the market. And above all: We have a team of highly motivated staff we can really rely on.”


DEGER is world market leader in the field of solar tracking systems. More than 49,000 DEGER-systems have been installed in 49 countries all over the world. The enterprise has branch offices in Spain, Greece and North America and cooperates with local sales and service partners in many countries around the globe. The patented MLD technology from DEGER provides the possibility to achieve on average a 45 percent higher yield in comparison to rigidly mounted systems.

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DEGER is the leading manufacturer with the globally largest product portfolio for single and dual axis solar tracking systems. Its market position is based on the unique, patented “Maximum Light Detection” – or MLD technology, developed by Artur Deger. It provides the possibility to increase the yield of solar power plants by using an “intelligent” control. The MLD-sensor thereby always aligns the solar modules with the energetically most potent point in the sky. This way MLD-guided solar systems achieve on average a 45 percent higher yield than rigidly installed systems – in peaks this value is even considerably higher. With more than 49,000 systems installed in 49 countries, DEGER is world market and technology leader. The enterprise offers all solutions of relevance for the product – from development and planning to production and sales right up to maintenance and repair.

Nearly 400 employees currently work for DEGER  at its headquarters in Horb, in its branch offices and at suppliers. The company was founded in 1999 and in 2001 was awarded with the Inventor Price of the federal State of Baden-Württemberg for the MLD-sensor. In 2005 DEGER opened its first branch office in Spain, in 2009 branch offices opened in the USA and in Greece, in summer 2011 production started in Australia. DEGER produces in Germany, Australia, Canada and in the USA. Business is managed by Artur Deger.

You can’t always rely on the weather. But you can on a tracking system from DEGER.

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