Recentlys, our single axis solar tracking systems have begun installation in the yard of an alumunium profile manufacturing facility in Hanoi city, Vietnam.

In this project, Sunpower 495W solar modules are used to provide a total capacity of 61.38 kWp. The generated electricity will meet some of the internal demands from the factory, while also exhibiting DEGER tracking systems to potential solar energy investors in Vietnam. For this reason, all current models of our single axis tracking systems, DEGER S100-PF-DR, S100-CF-DR, S100-PF-SR and DEGER 8.5 are being installed.

In order to gain experience on steel and aluminium profile manufacturing, while considering future incoming projects, these materials for the project are manufactured in Vietnam. In doing so, the high shipping costs caused by the steel and alumunium profiles will be dramatically decreased for future projects installed in Vietnam or nearby countries.