The commissioning of the solar power plant which was installed by using 194 units of DEGER S100-SR single axis trackers with the total capacity of 2.48 MWp was completed in the past weeks in the state of Maryland- USA.

Originally designed as a traditional utility grid connected project, the systems needed to be customized in length to make the best use of the irregular shape of the property. DEGER provided close engineering support to meet a specialized need.  The project intention was modified and the solar parks were paired with lithium Ion battery storage to maximize the effectiveness of the power produced and best match the regions time of use pricing.

In terms of the capacity, this project is the biggest project in which DEGER solar tracking systems are used together with energy storage systems.

The project developer’s work on 3 similar types of projects shows that the storage and solar tracking system technologies will be used in many projects in the future.