With an “off-grid” solution by installing a DEGERtracker S60H in the Spanish province of Toledo, a farm is independent of the local municipality’s power grid. One single-axis DEGERtracker S60H with concrete foundation was installed with a capacity of 6.5 kWp. With the installation of an additional battery management system, the farm, which specializes in the breeding of sheep, has a total average capacity of 19.2 kWh a day. The installation provides energy for lighting, cooling and hot water supply as well as for the operation of the milking machines. And in addition, a submersible pump for the irrigation of the farm also runs with solar energy.

The DEGERtracker covers the consumption curve of the farm optimally, because the demand for electrical energy is at its highest in the morning and evening hours when the animals are being fed. The intelligent MLD technology moves the solar modules to the brightest point of the sky in the early morning hours, generating enough energy even at dawn, for the operation of the milking machines. All DEGERtrackers are assembled complete with the patented MLD sensor, and generates approximately 30% more power compared to fixed tilt systems. Clearly a significant advantage.

At midday, when the irradiation values are at its highest, the farm’s direct electricity demand decreases, and the unused energy is temporarily stored in a battery bank. Especially in cloudy conditions, the battery supplies additional electricity to maintain the operation and supply the farm with power, even after sunset. Should the battery storage fail to provide sufficient energy, a diesel generator is ready as an emergency backup. A further special feature of this system is that the DEGERtracker and all other components are easily moved to another location any time.

This project is an excellent example of the high potential and possibilities of solar energy in agriculture. The installation of intelligent tracking systems from DEGER, in combination with a battery storage system, enable farms to operate independently of the local power supply and to provide 100% clean solar energy.