Since the beginning of this season in the Turkish City of Gaziantep, a farmer is counting on a DEGERtracker 6000NT for the irrigation of his fields without needing his obsolete diesel generator. The dual-axis DEGERtracker 6000NT was installed with a capacity of 9.5 kWp and with the intelligent MLD control technology, the tracker will generate an approximately 45% higher yield compared to fixed tilt solar installations.

The region around Gaziantep offers optimal conditions for the cultivation of cotton and pistachios, but the groundwater is about 150 meters below ground. The solar energy generated by the DEGERtracker is used directly by a water pump, which transports the water to the surface and irrigates the agricultural field. Due to the elimination of the diesel generator, the farmer saves costs of approximately 18,000 euros per year.

This installation of the DEGERtrackers are a showcase model for neighboring farmers in the region, which still rely on expensive and out of date diesel generators. Further projects for irrigation with tracking systems from DEGER will still be implemented this season, in order to be able to operate the farms more efficiently and more environmentally friendly in the future.