In Los Hinojosos, Spain 9 dual axis solar trackers were irreversibly damaged by a wind storm and have been replaced by DEGER D100 trackers, which are a more robust and efficient solution.

The Los Hinojosos solar power plant, which has been in operation since October 2007, initially had a capacity of 1.8 MW as fixed installation, and 100 kW as dual axis trackers. After the storm, 9 of the original dual axis trackers had to be replaced in order to return the solar plant to its initial full capacity.

For the project, DEGER’s technical department designed a specific mast that could anchor each solar tracker to its existing concrete support.

After replacing 9 of the dual axis trackers with DEGER systems, the new installation offers increased resiliance against wind and storms, as well as an increase to output power thanks to MLD (Maximum Light Detection) technology.