Rural solar installations are usually a choice between growing food, and generating power. Faced with this decision, many farmers and land owners are reluctant to abandon agricultural projects in favor of building a solar plant. But DEGER offers something else; Trackers can be used making it possible to do both, offering new opportunities and benefits.

To reduce the tracking system footprint, the foundation can even be constructed below grade. And with mast lengths on offer between 3.0 to 8.0 meters, it is possible to move equipment throughout the solar plant. With the assistance of the override control, the owner can place the systems into the horizontal position, maximizing the clearance below the arrays making seeding and mowing possible. The systems resume normal solar tracking once agricultural operations are completed.

Our technology offers our customers the option to continue to use their land for agriculture which is the decisive factor in many restrictive countries such as Switzerland.

Our tracking systems are not only used in countries with feed in tariffs, but very important in other markets with high costs associated with electricity generation and delivery. We offer the perfect solution for self-sufficiency, generating the highest yields through our patented MLD integrated solar tracking systems. In summer or winter, we outperform all our competitors thanks to the advantage of our light detecting sensors, and automatic snow removal sensor. When it comes to the combination of solar power generation with our tracking systems and the advantages of continued commercial activities, the possibilities are endless. The area under the tracker can be use as shelter for livestock where the solar panels serves as a welcome shade in summer months. Many growing crops even benefit from the resulting light and shadow as the tracking of our systems generates no static shadow the field.

With our patented MLD technology the DEGERtracker only perform movements that resulting a yield advantage with a maximum speed of 30° per minute which cannot hurt human or animal. Quiet and reliable, our extremely efficient design works in harmony with nature, offering our customers the best of both worlds, solar power generation, without limiting land use options.