With a maximum capacity of 78.6 square meters, the DEGERtracker S100 provides system integrators and designers with excellent flexibility for solar modules and is designed for wind speeds up to 110 km/h. By using a maximum east/west rotation angle of +/- 50° and the patented MLD* sensor, the single-axis tracking system aligns photovoltaic modules automatically to the best generation angle, giving the DEGERtracker an advantage of up to 30 percent higher yield on average than fixed tilt systems.

Newly developed, the DEGERtracker S100 has implemented a special worm gear rotation system which has even lower energy-consumption than the previous models of the S-series. To protect the system in the event of storms, the wind guard moves the modules of the DEGERtracker into the horizontal position during high winds to minimize the possibility of damage to the modules surface. With the efficient design of the DEGERtracker S100 including pre-installed wiring to the controller, the assembly was simplified, and the installation time has been reduced by a significant degree. The DEGERtrackers are not linked to each other and due to a robust and long-lasting bearing the maintenance and operation costs of the tracking system are very low.

Advantages of DEGERtrackers:
  • Yield increase with MLD-Technology
  • Yield increase with snow sensor
  • Fast and simple installation and easy handling
  • Robust durable technology
  • No linked of several tables
  • Automatic reset in initial position at night
  • Up to 100 trackers to be managed by one Central Control Box (CCB)
  • Wind guard with anemometer, in storm conditions DEGERtracker is placed automatically in security position
Each DEGERtracker is equipped with a patented MLD sensor from DEGER. The MLD technology continually measures the intensity of light and moves the solar module installation into the most advantageous power generating position. The tracking system uses direct solar irradiation as well as reflected energy from rocks, snow and diffuse light. Due to the intelligent tracking of DEGER, only those movements that will result in a direct yield increase are carried out. Because of different levels of cloudiness, the light conditions in solar parks vary for each DEGERtracker. The individual control makes sure every DEGERtracker is optimally oriented to the brightest source of irradiation. This guarantees a yield up to 30% higher than fixed tilt systems. Special features such as automatic eastern reset of the DEGERtracker overnight and the optionally available snow sensor, provide superior power generation performance, for a shorter investment payback period.
Read more about the DEGERtracker S100 in our technical specification.